We Accept Link Cards and We Double the Value

Northbrook Farmers Market accepts SNAP benefits at the market and doubles the value up to $25 per day per family.
If you or someone you know is a Link card holder, come to the Welcome Booth to swipe your card and get up to $25 free to spend at the market!  
We match the amount you withdraw from your account up to $25. No strings attached!
To find out if you qualify for SNAP benefits (formerly food stamps) and how to obtain a Link card, click here.
We also accept senior farmers market coupons and WIC vouchers.


We're Monarch Maniacs...Are You?

Why is the Northbrook Farmers Market concerned about monarch butterflies?
Believe it or not, monarchs are the canary in the coal mine. Along with other pollinators such as birds, bees, and ladybugs, a healthy food system depends upon strong and healthy populations of these hard-working critters. 
The Farmers Market is leading the charge on the "Let's Make Northbrook a Monarch Way Station" project because non-susustainable farming methods used by agribusiness are causing harm to butterflies and other pollinators. That is why only growers who use sustainable farming practices are allowed at the Northbrook Farmers Market. We've teamed up with Monarch Maniacs of Northern Illinois to help residents learn more about healthy ecosystems and to join forces to help save the monarch.. Click here for a Proclamation on the topic. 
We Monarch Maniacs are working to educate people on the need for planting milkweed--the sole source of food for monarch caterpillars. It' s a simple connection: if we do what's needed to save the monarch, we can improve our environment, and we can have sustainable, healthy food systems. 
So we are asking Farmers Market patrons to help. How? By planting and letting flourish native milkweed (which is NOT a weed), and by learning more about why monoculture, loss of native habitats, ever-increasing use of herbicides and pesticides is not sustainable for the future of our food systems, nor for our world in general.
Will you help us save the Monarch?
Our 11th Season by the numbers:
  • The only all-volunteer run market on the North Shore
  • Countless number of volunteer hours
  • Shoppers from over 40 ZIP Codes visit us each season (that we know of)
  • Average of more than 2,000 visitors a day
  • $25,000 in free money given away through our food stamp program
  • 60,000 lbs of fresh, wholesome food collected from our vendors and donated to the food pantry
  • Countless coats, school supplies, books, and monetary donations collected and given to those in need
  • Numerous recycling, children's educational and cooking/nutrition programs

Interested in Learning More About the Food You Eat?
We believe that when people are informed, they are better equipped to make the best choices for themselves and their families. Northbrook Farmers Market offers consumers the opportunity to learn more about how food is grown--AND, equally important--discuss their food choices with the folks who actually grow the food!
Click on the links below:
Agricultural Product Terms and Eco-Labels courtesy of University of Kentucky School of Agriculture
Sustainable Agriculture Definitions and Terms, USDA, Alternative Farming System Information Center.


NBK Farmers Market Helps Local Families in Need
We partner with Northfield Township Food Pantry to collect fresh fruits and vegetables for distribution to pantry clients. At the end of each market day volunteers collect fresh, locally grown produce donated by our farmers.
The hard-working volunteers bring the food to the pantry every Wednesday afternoon, where oftentimes clients are lined up in anticipation of receiving the fresh produce.
Are you interested in helping collect and deliver the food? Please contact us at NorthbrookFarmersMarket@gmail.com.