We Need Your Cooperation
Covid-19 cases are increasing in Illinois.
We volunteers continue to work very hard to keep you safe, but we need your cooperation.
Please stop at the entrance and review the rules before entering. If you decide they are not to your liking, we kindly ask you to take your business elsewhere.
Here's a preview:
Before entering I agree to:
  • Not enter if I am sick OR have been near someone who is sick or tested positive.
  • Keep mouth and nose covered; if not, I will be denied service.
  • Keep 6 ft. from others at all times.
  • Shop in 1 direction: counterclockwise.
  •  Form lines toward the center. (Like spokes on a wheel).
All measures will be enforced, and are designed to ensure the health and safety of everyone at the market.
While the vast majority of folks are doing their part, unbelievably, the biggest topic of push back by a small minority is proper mask wearing. The time for discussion about masks is long past.
Please do your part; OUR live
s depend on it.



2020 Season!

Every Wednesday,* 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

June 17 to October 14

Cherry & Meadow,

downtown Northbrook

* rain or shine, except in severe weather

Who We Are:
Northbrook Farmers Market is operated by the Northbrook Farmers Market Association, an all-volunteer, tax-exempt, nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Illinois.
We work hard to bring you the best market possible!
Northbrook Farmers Market Association
Board of Directors
Dale Duda, President/Market Manager 
Charles Mann, Treasurer
Julie Brame, Secretary
Irv Leavitt
Carol Currie
Mady Fern
Our Mission
Our mission is to support local farmers, producers and artisans by providing an economic outlet, and to serve the greater Northbrook area by making available for purchase fresh, high-quality produce and other locally made goods for the benefit of all. 
Our Goal
Our goal is to educate residents on the benefits of buying locally, eating healthy, and living green, as well as supporting local farming families and entrepreneurs.​​
We Work Hard To Keep YOU Safe!
You may not like all of the changes and rules we have this season and that we enforce them. We're not thrilled, either. Keep in mind a few facts as we celebrate National Farmers Market Week:
  • Farmers markets are essential businesses. The pandemic made it clear that local food systems with short supply chains are resilient and dependable in making food available to their communities. 
  • Farmers market managers are local food heroes. When the pandemic hit, everyone scrambled to accommodate the changing requirements to keep customers safe. Market managers were some of the first to implement innovative strategies to change their operations around public health protocols. 
  • Farmers markets are safe. Research supports conventional wisdom in that outdoor marketplaces are often safer than alternative indoor retailers due to unlimited air circulation, sunlight, the flexibility to enforce social distancing by spreading out vendors, and the innovative strategies market operators have implemented.

How to Shop At the Farmers Market--We're Counting On You!

We're not happy about the changes either, but it's what we must do during the pandemic. Be assured that we will control the number of shoppers through a single entrance, and we will enforce the following safety measures at all times:

  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Wear a face mask that covers both your mouth and nose; keep it on at all times.
  • Maintain a 6 ft. distance between yourself and everyone else.
  • Sanitize your hands often.
  • Shop in one direction; follow the arrows and keep moving.
  • Don't hand payments directly to vendors; instead place payments on trays then step back.
  • Limit your interactions with others.
  • Don't pick up or touch any products until they are bagged for you; point to what you wish to buy.
  • Don't linger or congregate with others.
  • Don't be discouraged: we're in this together!